Real-time customer feedback

Improve your business

If you don't know whats right, you can't do more of it. If you don't know whats wrong, you cant fix it.

Stop losing customers

Improve your customers loyalty by taking action on their feedback. Loyal customers will grow your business faster than sales or marketing.

Reduce aquisition cost

Did you know it costs 5x to 25x more money to get a new customer than keep existing ones happy?

Improve your customers retention now.

Skyrocket your business growth

By helping your customers succeed.


Your dashboard will break down the responses for you in an easy to understand way.

Generate QR Code

Make it easy for your customers to access the form, simply scan QR with their mobile device.

Download and Share

Download and share the QR code offline and online to get your customers feedback.

Feedback form designer

Define the questions you would like to ask your customers and customise the look.

Scan and try for yourself

You can put the QR on a flyer in a food delivery order, display it on your cash register, put a sticker on your window or on your coffee cups!

qr demo arrows pointing

Scan me

Simply open the camera on your phone and point it at the code

No app or third party needed.

Your customers simply hold up a phone camera to the QR and get to the feedback form.

qr demo

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